Tweet Tweet Harness

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Our pretty 'Tweet Tweet' dog harness will brighten up every day with it's colourful and fun pattern and design!

This harness is part of the Heads Up for Tails & Alicia Souza collaborative 'Cookie and Leo' collection. 


- Easy to put on and take off

- Step in harness style

- Durable nylon material

- Excellent quality hardware

Dog harnesses help to distribute the pressure evenly on the body of the dog verses straining the neck. We highly recommend harnesses for small dogs who cannot handle pressure on the neck, as well as for dogs with short noses such as Pugs and Bull dogs, 

Size details:

  • Size S: Neck 12-14", Girth 12-16", Width 1/2" 
  • Size M: Neck 16-20", Girth 16-22", Width 1" 
  • Size L: Neck 18-26", Girth 18-28", Width 1.25" 


Little note:

*This product will NOT be shipped from the Alicia Souza store but directly from the vendor as it is a collaborative product. This only means that the packaging will be different to our usual packaging. We will still offer you that free shipping we all love so much :)

Rs. 580.00
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