Monday, May 4, 2015

Nepal Relief donation links

Prime Minister's Relief Fund

International Medical Corps through Facebook

Local Nepali relief fund through Indigogo

America Nepal Medical Foundation through Indigogo

Labour-ing day.

I promised myself to be more diligent with writing, though I'm finding it even harder to make time these days. When I think my days look neater ahead, bits roll in in twos. I'm grateful, of course, but that turns to guilt rather quickly when certain things aren't ticked off for the day. Realistically, I started planning my new year trying to schedule only 10 items per day. Ten overall including three biggies. I found that that works in comfort and realism. My scheduled day, today, has three times that number and then I sigh at the end of the day when I have a carry over. Also, another big notice is that I have been scheduling work for my 'learning' time. I try keeping nights for 'learning' (this could be anything from reading about sloth sleep timings to an excel shortcut) and because I just have so many little things on my plate at the moment, I move the bits that can be moved, i.e., the learning or reading. Well, on the bright side, I'm involved in so much lovely work and I think I can see a clearer horizon in June. That may be a month of learning then!
Oddly enough, Anu, my start-up friend and business-talker, was telling me that she feels the same way. She added how she's been feeling like she's worked so hard and has nothing to show. I think I'm lucky in that case, in the sense that my work is more tangible. I have a physical output of seeing a file or a drawing that took up my time. Ok enough cribbing, I have to reschedule my day for tomorrow and add in a few.
ok bye bye, Ta ta!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hard love

I have this problem of falling in love really hard.
I sometimes see images and illustrations which made me physically want to throw up hearts and rainbows because they are just so darn lovely. Today I think I overdid the visual amazingness that I bumped across online. Does that happen to you? Not only for illustrations but something you love? The best code ever written for the coding enthusiast or the best piece of advice ever given in a single sentence for the budding shrink.
I need to get up, have a coffee and smell dead roses so I can balance things out. Honestly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NDTV Prime & Femina

Sweet article on this month's issue of Femina. Big thanks to Neeti for the sweet write up!

So much fun shooting this with the nicest camera man and lovely host, Lakshmi. NDTV Prime's 'Heads Up' aired on the 16th of April, about local cartoonists and Illustrators. (Paul Fernandes is a darling! Check out his work here.)

Click here for the full Video here.

Baptism blues

It's been almost a week now since my folks and sister have left. Family was down for my nephew's Baptism and besides the fact that we all fell dreadfully ill (from different sources with the same horrid intensity!) it was such a delightful time. I miss these get-togethers SO much! I think the only sadness I can foresee is that my sister and me, almost certainly, will never live in the same country. It makes me sad because we're the closest that sisters can be, even with the distance. Anyway, I'm certainly grateful for air travel.

Look how big my little monkey has grown! I'm the proudest aunt ever!

Also Vishu happened. (Thanks to my friend, Saina, who yearly reminds me about the Keralite festivals that take place)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sisterly shlove.

My sister has left the country and I returned to my desk a week early. And because I get asked ALL the time, no we're not twins. We're actually a funny 11 months apart and for almost an entire month, we're the same age! #blog

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Myntra's 'The Evolution of Fashion'

I got to work on this SUPER-FUN video for Myntra with the loveliest team ever! Also, hand model. haha. The video's gotten close to a hundred thousand views on Facebook, so I was absolutely stoked!