Monday, June 29, 2015

On learning.

I tend to try and be learning something all the time. The keyword here is 'try'. A course, a skill, a subject, a hard dish, a routine. I did succeed a number of times but there were also a number of times I proved myself with all the enthusiasm required and then let it go. I stopped going the whole hog with the procrastination routine or the schedule-blaming and just stop entirely and then start curiosity another anew.

At this current moment, I'm trying desperately to learn a new programme. I remember when I was first trying to learn Photoshop, it was so full of effort but every thing I learnt proved so useful and pat-on-the-backish. Now every time I learn something, I smack myself on the knuckles for not doing it quicker and for it not looking as good as I want it to. Anu, my housemate, and me were talking about it and we asked, is it age that makes us want perfection a lot more, hence making learning a lot more difficult? I don't believe it's patience because by-gum, I had the patience of an ant when I was younger and this is probably the most patient I've ever been. That's not saying much about that virtue and me! What about priority? Maybe if this skill-requirement was indispensable for further scaling, it would have been easier. That may be it really. Necessity being the mother of real learning.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy days

Happy World Yoga Day!
Happy Father's Day!

Happy already-mentioned-days and World Music Day & (I didn't realise) longest day in 2015!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Cookie & Leo collection.

We were still thinking about what to name the collection when the samples of collars, harnesses and leashes arrived. And the first thought that came to mind was how adorable the pink one would have looked on Cookie-Brown. She was such a pink-wearer, that girl. Rashi lost her doggie Leo a bit back too and together 'the Cookie & Leo collection' just sounded right.
I had the most fun working on this and I've been looking forward to seeing these in product form since my pencil touched paper. And here it is! Charlie is officially the most posey dog and I've been told from a lot of friends lately, that he seems to be prancing and not walking. I'm not even remotely surprised. He does that when people are watching.
HUFT has been darling enough to provide all buyers a discount code of 15% off for the new collection. Enter at checkout: WITHLOVE
CLICK HERE to see the collection.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brain note.

What I'm doing right now and why I feel like I need to employ my shadow.
1) Illustrating one big project
2) Pitching (more like figuring out a financial solution) for one big project.
3) Have 3 sketchbooks to ink beside me
4) Have 6 images to colour this morning.
5) Have a meeting at 12.
6) Have one book on Kindle to finish that is fabulous (Drinking:a Love story)
7) One book that's taken me more than a few months to finish, though is even more fabulous (Happiness Hypothesis)
8) Invoices to draft.
9) One online course in Child Psychology in progress
10) One online course on learning to use the DSLR in progress (refresher. and my phone camera conked)
11) Need to meet the printer.
12) 10pm double-date-movie and dinner night. (yay!)
12) Need to groom, desperately. (haha <- nervous laugh)
13) Have to stop by the post office.
14) Fix phone.
That's it for today, I think. Atleast I don't have to make dinner.
(I make lists of things that are worrying me so I can rid of them in my brain once I have it on paper. It works like a charm!)

Monday, June 15, 2015

3M Laptop Skin sticky collab.

Delightedddd to work with 3M, India on their newly released Laptop skins. ANYYYYone who knows me, knows what a big sticker fanatic I am. I think the obsession only went down 2 notches in 10 years. So I end up using the decals for a million things! If you're crafty, you can use the skins for any sticking project you have in mind! I ended up stickering not only my laptop, but also my iPad, iPod, scanner, pens, pencils (only the mechanical type or best of luck with the sharpening!), and even my water bottle. Their quality is out of this world, no jokes, and getting bubbles is almost impossible.
OK enough of me raving on about the product. (It really blew me away!)

If you'd like, you can pick one up here.

How to easily-peasily stick the skin: (Officially a hand-actor now!)

Random things I stickered up, before my phone camera conked (sigh!):

Hoorah for stickers!
PS: Also cut circles from the bits of the skin leftover after stickering your laptop and you can use them as seals for letters. So darn cute!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Just Leh'ing around.

Today my housemate left town for Ladhak. Two years back, a bunch of us did the whole Ladhak-Leh trip. To be honest, my memories only include talking about bowel movements, eating copious amounts of chocolate (as an excuse for extra energy), and losing the awkwardness of peeing in public (there are literally NO loos and you're advised to do so. self-respect: zero). Ofcourse I don't need to talk about how pretty the place was but I CAN talk about how all the animals are all extra fuzzy because of the cold. SO DARN CUTE, I could barely handle it. The cows were fuzzy, the dogs were fuzzy and I believe that in a winter, even the stones may sprout a few hairs.

I wrote about the trip in my old blog that is lost, and since I've forgotten everything, I'm just going to throw in some Ladhak & Leh photos from then, which even I've forgotten about.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cutest thing that happened all week!

My housemate's mom is in town from the US. She's an absolute delight to have around and the stories about how she taught Anu (my housemate) when she was young is just fascinating. She's a teacher and an amazing one too!
Anyway, she's always stayed away from dogs, not out of fear though and I was all prepped to tempt Charlie away from her if and when he decided to get overtly excited with the new member of our household. And lo and behold, in a day, she went to the store and got herself some gloves because she just HAD to pet this little spoilt brat. Charlie was the first dog that she had ever petted in her entire life! Of course, Charlie sprawled across the floor, expectantly, with his usual air of knowledge that no one passes him without a scratch on his belly or pet on the forehead.

Anu was delighted and stunned to see her mom, not only stroking this little very spoilt boy but also her referring to him as 'kanna' (an affectionate , if I'm not mistaken, Tamilian word for 'dear') and her younger brother's pet name. He officially knows how to sit in Tamil now.

Charlie is now trying to convert her into a snuggling partner. That may take a while though.