Monday, October 12, 2015

What's been happening

Every week day at 9pm, the electricity goes and leaves me typing in the dark. I live in a house where the wiring is all wonky and my UPS is only fixed to my computer because the rest of the house is fitted to one line. I'm grateful still. The computer light is the most important of the lot.

I remember when I moved to India, this was the oddest to get used to. The electricity not being a constant. But 5 years down and I hardly flinch. Sometimes the mild annoyance of not being able to make myself a cup of tea or coffee and perhaps when I can't iron my clothes if I was due to run out for a meeting or such. Maybe now is when I can say that I'm perhaps settled in then!

The store is going to be up and running in two days. I've been working a whole whole lot. Regular jobs and the store while maintaining a sane lifestyle is leaving me well, a little less sane that I usually am.

Cross fingers all goes well:)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

What's in the age.

So, funny story, a friend of mine told me that when she goggle'd my name, a popular search, even before 'Alicia Souza amazon' was 'Alicia Souza age'. I laughed. (and secretly checked…and it's true!!) So, that's what people want to know!

In short, as of date, I am 28 years old. It's (WAYYY) older than I feel but as wise as I've ever been.
Age can be scary. When I was a teenager, I imagined myself at this age a whole lot different. Infact my thoughts of me were always the most 'normal'. I imagined that by now I would probably be on my way to becoming a mother, well settled in a 9-5 job and being happy. When I think of that now, I think I've overshot by a mile. Well, I am a mother, though to a furry child, I work in a 24 hour job (if you consider sleep as working too) and I'm beyond happy. Happier than I've ever been and the happiest I could ever imagine. In fact I scare myself with the happy bit.

Settled? probably not.. but it's the best. When I think of the word 'settled', I imagine mundane, which is what I think it means. A life with not too many up and downs and no real surprises. The kind I imagined I wanted when I was young. It seemed safe and being brought up in Abu Dhabi, that's the only life I'd seen. Now I can't imagine being 'settled' even if I did raise a family (beyond furries --haha furries just autocorrected to curries…well they'd be little curries then). A life being lived and not on autopilot. It makes me worried, keeps me busy and oh so happy.

Age, so funny! Ageing, rather!
One day I'm going to feel old and wise, but for now I'll just settle with 'young (at heart) and a little silly'. It will do for now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

One of those busy days.

The world's been on my shoulders with a days to-do-list that can be compiled in a book. It's all good though, everything's (kind of) on track and there's surprise work on my fingertips. Itching to begin things so bad! It's been busy for everyone I guess. My housemate, Anu, is back in town and there are days like today, when she works from home, and our house is a little factory of ideas. Sometimes though, I suddenly realise that the only noise from the two of us sitting at either end of the same room is the harsh quick taps on the keyboard and Charlie breathing. The intensity can be cut with a knife.
Then we call each other out, make pizza and watch a terrible episode of a trashy tv show only to end up talking and not realising the show concluded amidst our conversation about love, love and business.