Last Christmas, with a lot of hope and optimism (and nervousness) we got our office space. I never really thought we would need more space but I was wrong. We filled up faster than I can eat a cookie and are already looking out for more. 

I’ve always wanted to be a small business but the little changes we’ve been able to bring into the lives of our support system - our team, our local vendors, our local delivery partners have been way too rewarding to not want to do more for everyone involved. We’re upgrading and investing in our back end so we can get a wider range of products delivered to our customers sooner than before. 

Some positions we are looking out for:

- E-com Operations

- Digital Marketing 

- Corporate, Retail & Export sales

- Graphic design & Illustration 

- If you know someone who's been an integral part of a growing business and is looking out for a top management opening, please do point them to this page. 

- Lastly, if you are an investor / mentor or know one who might be interested to know more about us, associate or even just give us plain old good advice, we are more than happy to talk. 

Things to note:

- The office is based in Bangalore, and because we’re still a small team, we aren't able to support remote working yet.

- We don't look for any specific qualifications. However, any related work experience is always a plus. 

- The team is a bunch of the most amazing people. You’re guaranteed to be in love with every single one of them.